Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dexter 2x06: "Dex, Lies, and Videotape"

And now the Jawsome Olde Tyme Revue presents a new feature, in which my associate and I discuss the latest episode of stuff we've been watching. You'll feel as though you're there standing around the water cooler with us, observing our conversation but not participating, much like all of my social interactions. First up on the agenda is the latest episode of Dexter.

How's it going?
I saw Dex[ter episode 2x06].

What did you think?

nearby: I'm disappointed that Dex is in recovery.

me: At least he killed somebody.

nearby: But he didn't "need" to. Also, Rita's a nag; a harpy. I liked her much better in the first season.

Yeah. But they broke up, so it's OK.

nearby: No wonder Pa
ul used to beat her. [chuckles]

me: [laughter]

nearby: God, I'm so horrible.

me: Yeah.

nearby: [grins] But at least you're not offended. Also, I don't like the
new Cody.

me: The new Cody?

nearby: The kid. He's new from last season. I mean, they replaced Cody 1.0.

Oh. I didn't notice; they all look the same to me.
I like how the FBI guy was like, "It tastes like a hippo."

[grins] I like how Deb's boyf was like, "you lo
oooooove Grundy." [laughter]

me: Yeah... [chuckles] Grundy.

nearby: Man. Hilarious.

me: Man, the secondary characters were actually not that bad this time (besides Rita).

I guess. The thing is, of the secondary characters, I usually like Rita, because of her relationship with Dexter. But lately she's become a harp.

me: Frankly I've never
liked her.
I like how Lila keeps showing the goods.

nearby: She's always wearing the same kind of underwear (character consistency). That weird thong thing; it's got, like, a thick band and then a thong. Weird.

It's probably the same pair.

nearby: She's got a nice pair of 'tocks.

She's a butterlips.

nearby: Also, tvclub linked to another TV commenter in the Dexter commentary that I started reading. The funny thing is I already saw this blog before. He retroactively recapped Freaks and Geeks; he was quite fawning about it. Anyway, he did some season 1 reviews of Dex, but not enough. But now I'm reading his commentaries on season 2.

[quoting from the commentaries:]
"Mostly, though, I didn't have much
to say. The show was so consistent both in what was working (Michael C. Hall's performance, the flashbacks to Harry's lessons, Dexter's relationships with Deb and Rita, the advancement of the Ice Truck Killer mystery) and what wasn't (office politics in the Miami PD) that I would have been repeating myself week after week."

me: Heh. Yeah.

nearby: It's true.

Frankly I like this season better.

nearby: I don't like how Dex is showing too many emotions. [chuckles]

me: [chuckles] I don't know; I think he always had them.

nearby: I guess. I prefer him being like this empty hollow shell of pretending. [laughter]

[chuckles] Like me.

nearby: I like how he basically still has no moral compunction abo
ut killing, though.

me: Yeah. I guess you're right, though. Dex should need to kill people; otherwise he might stop doing it.

nearby: Yeah. I hope he ends up killing Lila at the end of the season. Or, um, Lundy (Grundy).

me: Why would he?

nearby: She finds out his secret and freaks out. (Butterlips.)

me: But she would have to murder someone.

nearby: Eh. I don't think she'd have to. He doesn't care about Harry's code any more. I mean, like, he's trying a "new me."

me: I don't know; I think he's still using the code. Why else would he kill that guy even though he didn't need to?

nearby: My favorite thing about Television Without Pity's recaps of Dex is the one time where they suggest that Doakes and Dex will kiss (because of Six Feet Under). [laughter]

me: [chuckles] You're such a "shipper."

nearby: UGH! Please, don't call me that.

me: You just want all the dudes to make out with each other.

No! No. It's funny because the first time i watched Dex, I was like, "Heh, Doakes is Dex's Keith."

me: I did like seeing Dex get all mad this eppy.

[swooning] Me toooooooo! Also the other eppy, when he beat that dude.

me: Even though that's an emotion.

I don't mind angry. [chuckles] I agree that he has emotion. It's just like, all effed up.

me: You just don't want the good emotions.

nearby: He probably can't control them, so he buries them.

me: Like me.

nearby: That's why he feels like he has none. He just wants to bury the bad ones, but it's a package deal.

me: Yeah.

nearby: I like how Dexter never uses an umbrella. He was wet, like, half the time.

me: I didn't notice that, possibly because I never use an umbrella either, so it just seemed natural.

nearby: Also, I forgot to fawn over his shirtless scene. I also like how Dexter is all, "Great, I'm THAT guy."

me: What guy?

nearby: With a love triangle. Well, I gotta eat. Laters.

me: Wah!

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